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DWX-50 Dental Mill Accessories and Tools by Roland® DGA Corp

DWX-50 Dental Mill Accessories and Tools

Roland® DGA Corp

Roland DGA Corp. has made available more accessories and tooling for its DWX-50 5-axis dental mill, allowing users to address a greater number of applications and work with a larger range of materials. Among the DWX-50 accessories are the Pin-Type Material Adapter, supporting up to six different pin-type materials for dry milling in zirconia, resins, and nano ceramics.

Roland has also introduced the DWX-50 Main Clamp 2, a new, highly precise securing mechanism for indexing partially milled material stock. Additional DWX-50 tooling options are available as well, designed for the production of dental models and restorations, including custom abutments, inlays, onlays, and zirconia implant bars. 

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