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Open Industrial Milling Machines by Roeders of America

Open Industrial Milling Machines

Roeders of America

Roeders High Speed Dental CAD/CAM Systems are completely open with respect to materials (zirconium, titanium, chrome cobalt, ceramics, etc), software, scanners, tools, etc. They can be highly automated for maximum unit production. Machining times are less than 5 minutes per unit but still maintain high accuracy. They include wear-free and water-cooled linear motor technology in all axes. The highly precise laser tool measurement system features wear control and breakage detection. The systems include a 60,000-rpm spindle and have automatic tool changers and long-lasting tool life, resulting in very low costs. All materials are machineable in one machine, but mixed operations are possible, and the technology used is based on more than 20 years of experience in high-speed cutting. Highly efficient material utilization results in the production of significantly more units per disk (up to 30% more), which is achieved by one-sided clamping of the disks. A simple and easy to operate software controls the entire system and ensures process clarity.

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