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The Respire Blue Series Oral Appliance by Respire Medical

The Respire Blue Series Oral Appliance

Respire Medical

Receive a free Respire Blue Series oral appliance when you register and attend a Sleep Group Solutions seminar in Dental Sleep Medicine!  Sleep Group Solutions is pleased to provide the industry with the most comprehensive dental continuing education courses available in Dental Sleep Medicine.  Whether you are new to Dental Sleep Medicine, or are already treating patients- The SGS Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine 2-day program offers gems of knowledge, practice applications and protocols, for every experience level in Dental Sleep Medicine.  The SGS 2-day course is AGD/PACE approved for 16 CEU, and discuss important topics such as home sleep testing, screening technology, Rhinometry and Pharyngometry, insurance and billing, oral appliances, and a complete sleep overview from A to Z.  Explore the exciting world of Dental Sleep Medicine, here!

The Respire Blue Series places the jaw in a position that maintains an open airway by preventing the lower jaw from falling back and collapsing the airway. This in turn will allow patients to inhale more oxygen per breath, leading to a better night's sleep. The Respire Blue Series has an open anterior, added mesh for durability, and a 5.5mm maximum advancement.  Respire Medical also fabricates the Pink Series, a Herbst design, the Green Series, theTap III Elite, and TMJ splints. for more information.

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