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RecordLinc Software by RecordLinc

RecordLinc Software


RecordLinc Inc.’s new software is an innovative electronic dental record solution for patient file sharing, dentist-to-dentist communication, and dental practitioner collaboration that increases efficiency and improves patient care. RecordLinc software creates a bridge between dental practices so the entire dental team can share and collaborate on patients’ files through a HIPAA-compliant application. The software can be easily accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, enabling real-time discussion and patient file sharing. RecordLinc’s convenient and safe access program allows clinicians to upload dental records, collaborate on patient cases, and even form study groups to improve patient care across the industry. The RecordLinc system has the ability to integrate various practice management systems, allowing clinicians to easily send patient referrals and transfers, while being a part of a large online network of associations, alumni groups, and study clubs.

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