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REACH® Total Care™ by Reach Toothbrush

REACH® Total Care™

Reach Toothbrush

Upgrading your toothbrush to REACH® Total Care™ is an affordable and important investment towards better oral care and overall health. All designs are technologically advanced for superior access to hard-to-reach areas, excellent control, plaque removal, fresh breath, and total mouth clean. Special features include scientifically angled necks, lightweight ergonomic handles, a unique thumb grip for precision and control, and tongue cleaners to fight bad breath-causing bacteria.
REACH® Total Care™ Multi-Action offers multi-directional cleaning and polishing for a superior whole mouth clean. The multi-directional bristles buff away stubborn plaque and have even been shown to remove up to 90% of plaque. A soft thumb grip affords excellent control
REACH® Total Care™ + Whitening features unique Calcium Carbonate Micrawhitening® bristles, proven in laboratory tests to remove surface stains. It also has multi-action cleaning bristles and a cleaning tip to aid in the removal of plaque.
REACH® Total Care™ Floss Clean is ideal for cleaning the tight spaces between teeth and gums with its slimmer tipped Floss Bristles™ technology, while a tongue cleaner removes bad breath causing bacteria.
Even the best toothbrushes need to be replaced after three months. REACH offers consumers a convenient SMS text reminder program.
All three brushes are available in single or value-priced two packs, and come in a choice of soft or medium bristles.
REACH® Total Care™ toothbrushes retail from $3.99-$5.99 (for one count and two count, respectively) and are available at major food, drug, and mass merchandise outlets nationwide.  
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