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PPO Analyzer by Rae Dental Management

PPO Analyzer

Rae Dental Management

The PPO Analyzer for Dentrix is a “Dentrix G5 Connected” solution and has four main components:

  • PPO Production Summary – Shows production according to fee schedule and compares it to the UCR fee schedule to show the net difference. This is the bottom line PPO write-off.
  • PPO Patient Demographics – Shows the proportion of active patients compared to the total number of patients in your practice. This information is evaluate in relation to fee schedule.  The system will break down the patient population by the following categories: male, female, and child.
  • PPO Claim Statistics – Shows how long the average claim aging is by each PPO plan. These statistics give not only average claim aging, but also total number of resubmissions by fee schedule.
  • PPO Patient Visit Summary – Breaks down the total number of doctor visits and hygiene visits, as well as the average production per visit. This section will also show the total number of cancellations by fee schedule.
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