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DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer by QuickLook, Inc.

DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer

QuickLook, Inc.

The DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer provides patients visual clarification of necessary treatment without the complexity or cost of traditional intraoral cameras. The Intraoral Dental Viewer delivers sharp, crystal clear, color images on a handheld screen, putting what the professional sees immediately at the fingertips of the patient. Visualizing potential treatment 12 inches away empowers the patient. DrQuickLook is not designed to print or store images digitally. The product provides a visual preview of necessary treatment to the patient without the complexity or cost of traditional intraoral devices. Instantly, calculus deposits, caries, fractures, and fillings are easy to see and understand. Dentistry is hard work, getting the patient to quickly understand is critical. One concept here that is very important, it is not necessary to attract new patients to enlarge your practice. The patients are there – in your practice already – waiting for you to convince them of needed treatment. DrQuickLook makes conversations with patients easier

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