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SPEE-DEE™ BUILD-UP by Pulpdent® Corporation


Pulpdent® Corporation

Pulpdent Corporation has released Spee-Dee Build-Up, a dual cure multi-purpose core and tooth build-up resin. Spee-Dee provides one-step post and core build-ups to ensure a homogenous, one-piece internal structure. It is also used for post cementation, vital tooth build-up for a crown prep, and patching broken cusps, porcelain and lost fillings. Pulpdent Spee-Dee Build-up simulates tooth structure and really does cut like dentin. Rotary instruments transition smoothly from tooth structure to Spee-Dee Build-Up and cut accurately without gouging, gumming up or chattering. Spee-Dee is self-adhesive and self-etching to dentin, making the use of etching and bonding agents optional. Spee-Dee Build-Up represents another application of Pulpdent’s unique moisture-tolerant resin technology. Like the revolutionary Embrace™ WetBond™ products, Spee-Dee behaves favorably in the moist oral environment. It is dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, and radiopaque.

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