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Store-A-Tooth by Provia Laboratories LLC.


Provia Laboratories LLC.

Provia Laboratories, LLC’s Store-A-Tooth™ dental stem cell preservation service enables families to save their own adult stem cells from baby teeth, teeth pulled for orthodontic reasons, and wisdom teeth. Dental professionals play a role in making patients aware of this option, giving families the choice to safely and securely store their stem cells today – in a convenient and affordable way – so that they can take advantage of future therapies in regenerative medicine and dentistry.

The company partners with dental offices to make it easy to educate and inform patients about the option to preserve their family’s dental stem cells. For those interested in the service, Provia works with the dental team to provide high-quality tooth collection, and arranges for the sample to be sent overnight to the lab, where the stem cells are harvested, tested, and cryopreserved for future potential use. Dental professionals share Store-A-Tooth educational materials with their patients, who enroll directly with Provia Labs.

The day of the appointment, the dentist simply places the extracted tooth into the Store-A-Tooth collection kit, which includes a proven transport device called Save-A-Tooth®. In use by thousands of dentists for over 20 years, the Save-A-Tooth is an FDA-approved and ADA-accepted device for transporting avulsed teeth for reimplantation. The Store-A-Tooth collection kit is shipped overnight to the Provia Laboratories facility, where the stem cells are processed and stored.

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