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Preva Plus Integrated Intraoral X-ray by Progeny®, a Midmark Company

Preva Plus Integrated Intraoral X-ray

Progeny®, a Midmark Company


Market-leading Preva intraoral X-ray systems are designed to provide exceptional image quality for all offices from the traditional film based to the complete digital environment. The Preva DC combines a 0.4mm focal spot with a wide range of kV, mA and time options to help provide consistently superior diagnostic images. Preva 2.0 has all of the features of the Preva DC intraoral X-ray system today and is ready to use the ClearVision® digital sensor when the clinic is ready to move to digital. The Preva Plus combines the benefits of the Preva DC intraoral X-ray and the integrated ClearVision® Digital Sensor in one convenient system. 

Preva Plus helps keep your operatory well-organized and cable-free. Sensor cabling and technology has been expertly designed into the Preva Plus arm and control center. The high resolution sensor simply connects into its custom receptacle above the tube head and stores directly on the arm—waiting for the next patient.

Features include:

  • Preva’s 0.4mm focal spot designed for detailed, sharp images
  • Pre-programmed technique settings
  • Balanced, drift-free arm system with proprietary braking design
  •  Integrated sensor cabling with USB sensor connection
  • ClearVision® Digital Sensor
  • Progeny® Imaging Software
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