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Crest® Pro-Health™ [HD] by Procter & Gamble

Crest® Pro-Health™ [HD]

Procter & Gamble

Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] is a daily toothpaste and gel system that provides patients gingival health benefits similar to chlorhexidine, plus noticeable whitening through the incremental chemistry of 2 proven ingredients, including the optimized power of stannous fluoride.

Patients of all types love the level of clean that they will experience with Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD]. This product also provides rapid gingival tissue health improvement† for patients struggling with gingivitis, with the added benefit of noticeable whitening.

The ingredients are not compatible for storage. Two separate steps allow for the optimized delivery of their respective benefits.

Crest Pro-Health [HD] is a system designed to leverage the incremental chemistry of stannous fluoride and hydrogen peroxide. Step 1 is necessary for health benefits, including cavity protection, while Step 2 is necessary for visible whitening benefits.

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