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Two Striper® TSZtech™ Lab Diamonds by Premier® Dental

Two Striper® TSZtech™ Lab Diamonds

Premier® Dental

It’s not only the two signature stripes on a Two Striper® multi-use diamond that distinguish it from all other diamond brands. The Two Striper® is manufactured in the U.S. by a precise, patented bonding technology that permanently fuses natural diamond crystals to the instrument’s shank. The loss or peeling of diamond particles throughout the instrument’s life is virtually eliminated because the crystals are chemically bonded to the surgical grade stainless steel shank.

P.B.S. ® bonding maximizes the exposure of diamond cutting surfaces, especially at the tip and upper circumference of the instrument where the cutting load is focused. Other diamond brands mechanically entrap either synthetic or natural diamond in weak plating layers that randomly expose cutting crystals. These electroplated tools are prone to early crystal dislodgement, inconsistent cutting performance and higher heat generation. Two Striper® diamonds cut cooler, faster, and last longer.

Clinicians also appreciate the consistent cutting performance of every Two Striper® diamond; each diamond exhibits the same speed and life, making wear determination easy and predictable. Premier Dental offers a wide variety of Two Striper® diamonds including short-shanks for better intra-oral access and longer shanks for easier anterior preparation. These long-shanks are also ideal for electric handpieces with larger heads.

The TS2000™ spiral offers rapid gross reduction and margin definition, and our newest addition, the TS ZTECH™, was engineered for fast and efficient adjustment and cutting of lithium disilicate and zirconia. Two Striper is the advanced technology for your advanced dentistry. Available through your authorized dealer.

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