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IntegraPost™ by Premier® Dental


Premier® Dental

Premier's IntegraPost is  an ultra-passive, ultra-secure integrating endodontic post. Made of a titanium alloy, IntegraPost is stronger than stainless steel yet slightly more flexible. The rounded Flow-Thru® Head dissipate stresses within the core build up and enhances full integration of the post and core without voids. This patented design also makes the IntegraPost easy to carry and seat, using the IntegraPost Carrier.   The IntegraPost System is uniquely designed for use with today’s advanced resin cements, permitting more cement in the canal compared to other post systems without necessitating the removal of additional tooth structure. As the cement actively engages IntegraPost’s anti-rotational microknurled shank and forms micro mechanical resin tags with the dentin an “Adhesive Buffer Zone™ is established. This not only increases retention but also absorbs potentially stressful forces within the canal and, most importantly, tooth structure is conserved.  IntegraPost are available in six sizes, packaged as refill packs and an intro-kit with assorted sizes. In cases where a slightly shorter IntegraPost is warranted, the post can be easily trimmed – at the bottom – during the try-in.  

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