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Cure-Thru® IntegraPost™ by Premier® Dental

Cure-Thru® IntegraPost™

Premier® Dental

The Premier® Cure-Thru IntegraPost is a light-transmitting, esthetic fiber post with zirconia glass fibers embedded in resin composite. It is not a Zirconia Post which implies a rigid “ceramic” type post rather than an elastic fiber post. A Premier innovation is the incorporation of Zirconia glass, which increases fatigue resistance, improves radiopaciy, and allows for light transmission. Cure-Thru is comprised of factory silanated AR Zircon-rich, pre-stressed glass fibers (68% by volume) contained in a translucent epoxy matrix (32% by volume). If the purpose of post is to protect the remaining tooth structure through the transfer of load/distribution forces, then the Cure-Thru post is a clinically desirable shock-absorbing post system. The post features a passive, parallel-sided design with a slight tapered tip for anatomical fit. The ability to absorb and distribute stress is further enhanced by our unique utilization of a slightly larger post drill, to allow for more cement in the canal. This effectively creates an adhesive buffer zone around the post. The combination of a composite post, resin-composite cement and composite core material creates a composite mono- block that approximates the elastic modulus of natural tooth structure. The Cure-Thru IntegraPost is safe and conservative. It provides better distribution of forces away from the root and can be easily retrieved without removing additional tooth structure. Available in four post sizes that are color-coded to match corresponding drills, Premier offers a composite bonding system that is easy to use and permits less preparation and tooth removal.

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