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PRISM Design Center by Preat Corporation

PRISM Design Center

Preat Corporation

The PREAT Corporation’s PRISM Design Center provides the unlimited geometric freedom of additive manufacturing (AM) technology combined with the accuracy of CNC controlled machining to produce an excellent passive fit, without the shape limitations imposed with CNC milling technology.

Undercuts, honeycombs, and various surface finishes are used to provide superior mechanical retention to dental polymers. AM technology provides for both macro and micro retentions. Additive Manufacturing (AM) laser-based technology sequentially builds up thin Titanium layers bottom up. This explains the unlimited design freedom that is associated with our proprietary AM technology.

The full freedom in form and function allows dental technicians to design the most sophisticated implant restorations, including highly complex surface retentions and individual emergence profiles. Suprastructures may be made of medical grade high-strength Titanium alloy.

This material is much harder and multiple times stronger than grade II pure Titanium that is widely used in CNC milling. For cases where the technician wishes to veneer porcelain directly to the structure, ceramic cobalt chrome (CTE 14.0) is also available.

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