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ProSensor™ Digital Imaging Systems by Planmeca USA Inc.

ProSensor™ Digital Imaging Systems

Planmeca USA Inc.

Uses the latest CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) scintillator sensor technology, which delivers normal resolution and 17 lp/mm. The ProSensor System has several design features to make it extremely durable and reliable for the busy practice, including:

• an intelligent magnetic sensor connector which allows simple, one-handed attachment to the control box, yet releases quickly under tension to prevent damage to the sensor cable.

• a two-wire Kevlar reinforced cable.

• a hermetically sealed casing for repeated emersion disinfection.

When connected to the LED port on the interface box, the intelligent sensor monitors each step of the image acquisition process providing instantaneous feedback through the display of different colors to indicate the current status of the digital system, exclusive to PLANMECA Inc. The PLANMECA ProSensor is available in three sizes – 0, 1, and 2 –and boasts superior patient acceptance. The Prosensor also features a 10-year warranty program. The ProSensor ethernet system is also Mac compatible.

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