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Fusio™ Liquid Dentin by Pentron Clinical Technologies

Fusio™ Liquid Dentin

Pentron Clinical Technologies

Fusio™ Liquid Dentin represents the natural progression of composite resin technology that clinicians have been waiting for.  A self-adhering flowable composite, Fusio Liquid Dentin combines the benefits of adhesive and restorative technology into one product bringing restorative techniques to new unprecedented heights. Simply syringe into the preparation, agitate, and light-cure. Immediately upon application Fusio Liquid Dentin conditions, bonds, and seals without the need for an etchant or an adhesive. With such unique applications as dentin replacement or self-adhesive base liner, Fusio Liquid Dentin will change the way you look at restorative dentistry. Best of all Fusio Liquid Dentin costs less than premium flowable composites and their required separate adhesive.

  • Self-adhesive – bonds without a separate bonding agent
  • Multiple Indications – Pit & fissure sealant, block out undercuts, base liner, small class I, class III, and now class V
  • Esthetic – available in four of the most popular Vita shades: A1, A2, A3, & B1
  • Radiopaque – easily stands out on x-rays for quick and easy diagnosis
  • BPA Free – contains no bisphenol A
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