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FibreKleer® Post by Pentron Clinical Technologies

FibreKleer® Post

Pentron Clinical Technologies

FibreKleer Posts feature unmistakable radiopacity combined with superior strength and outstanding esthetics, plus the added feature of light transmission through the post. Engineered with a unidirectional arrangement of glass fibers in a proprietary clear resin matrix, FibreKleer Posts provide an impressive flexural strength of 1423 MPa and a flexural modulus of 23 GPa. The clarity and transparency of the FibreKleer Post enables it to blend seamlessly with natural dentition for beautiful esthetic restorations that eliminate the grey gumline effect that frequently occurs with metal posts. For streamlined post placement and to promote adhesion, FibreKleer Posts are now pre-silanated. All FibreKleer Posts offer the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and esthetics to help you safely and cosmetically restore your patients’ smile. All FibreKleer Posts offer the following benefits: Flexural modulus engineered to minimize root fractures. Advanced resin-fiber technology ensures compatibility to resin cements and core materials. Transmits light for an instantaneous cure. Choice of Serrated, Parallel, and Tapered body designs. Three unique designs allow you to fit the post to the tooth, not the tooth to the post. FibreKleer Serrated Post , serrated body design for retention along the entire post .  Serrations provide extra retention for cement and core material.  Available in 1.125, 1.25, and1.50mm sizes FibreKleer Parallel Post Parallel body design with retentive head. Retentive head designed for maximum core retention. Available in 1.00, 1.25, and 1.50mm sizes FibreKleer Tapered Post Tapered body design for conservative preparations, closely matches canal shape.  Available in 1.25, 1.375, and 1.50mm sizes

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