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FibreKleer® 4X™ Fiber Posts by Pentron Clinical Technologies

FibreKleer® 4X™ Fiber Posts

Pentron Clinical Technologies

Pentron Clinical has introduced FibreKleer® 4X™ Fiber Posts, which feature outstanding radiopacity of up to 400% of aluminum to help ensure that they are instantaneously identified on a radiograph at placement as well as at follow up appointments. Translucent glass fibers bundled in a proprietary clear resin matrix provide outstanding flexural strength and help to preserve the natural lifelike esthetics that are desired when all ceramic restorations are prescribed.

To aid in core retention while preserving tooth integrity, FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts are engineered with a flexural modulus that is similar to dentin. To help streamline drill and post selection, all FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts are now color-coded to coordinate with the corresponding drill. Available in three body designs, Parallel with a retentive head, Tapered, and Original, the FibreKleer 4X Post allows clinicians to choose the type of post that best suits each individual case.

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