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CAESY Cloud 2.0 by Patterson Dental

CAESY Cloud 2.0

Patterson Dental

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. provides additional features on its easy-to-use on-demand patient education system CAESY Cloud. Practices across the country can now access the new features, including interactive, 3D animations that function like a digital flip chart and 3D models used to educate patients with a 360-degree visual. Available as a separate resource, users can now use animations within the educational videos to further explain a procedure. CAESY videos have long provided patients with the foundation for a more in-depth discussion with their care provider. Now, clinicians can use the same animation the patient has just seen, pulled out of the video, to bring additional clarity to the consultation. Additionally, practices now have the ability to insert video links onto their practice website, send video links directly to patients’ email or view videos right on their smart phone devices (including new Android devices), making CAESY Cloud even more accessible.

Much like a digital flip chart, the new animation feature in CAESY Cloud 2.0 allows the clinician to control the speed of the animation with the click of a mouse or cursor, giving the presenter the power to pause and provide greater emphasis on certain areas of the animation. Clinicians can easily use animations to answer patient questions and ensure patients fully understands treatment recommendations.

In addition, CAESY presentation videos can now be linked on practice websites or sent directly to patients through email, making it possible for patients to conveniently access the content from anywhere with an internet connection. An upgraded video player also enables the CAESY Cloud videos to play on new Android devices. These new features give patients a chance to share videos with influencers and decision makers such as family or friends.

Lastly, CAESY Cloud offers an enhanced patient education tool with new 3D model capability. With 60 models currently available, users simply click on the tooth figure to the right of a presentation title and an image appears, which can be rotated 360 degrees to give patients an optimal view. CAESY Cloud continues to expand with more than 350 multimedia presentations, new features and content, but with the same affordable price. More updates to the patient education system are expected later this year.

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