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TurboSENSOR™ Magnetostrictive Scaler by Parkell, Inc.

TurboSENSOR™ Magnetostrictive Scaler

Parkell, Inc.

At the other end of the control panel, the TurboSENSOR™ also provides a higher maximum power setting for extreme calculus blasting. For removal of really stubborn calculus, simply increase pressure on the unit's included foot pedal and you’ll get an instant turbo power boost. Despite all of its many built-in features, the TurboSENSOR has an amazingly small footprint. This compact device doesn’t waste valuable counter space in your operatory and is also very portable. Also, it comes complete with two patented autoclavable handpiece sheaths, so you can continue working with one while the other is being sterilized.

Parkell's popular TurboSENSOR™ combines expanded versatility with intuitive operation. Its smart-circuitry senses whether you’ve inserted a 25K or 30K tip and automatically switches frequency to match the insert in the handpiece. For patient comfort during routine scaling, the TurboSENSOR offers an expanded low-power debridement mode. An orange LED on the control panel tells you when you are operating in this mode.


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