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SmarTemp® Dual Cure by Parkell, Inc.

SmarTemp® Dual Cure

Parkell, Inc.

 The smart choice in provisional material.

SmarTemp is 64% filled with radiopaque barium glass and fumed silica, so it creates a tough, durable restoration that’s not brittle. It has a flexural strength of 110Mpa, making it less likely to fracture. SmarTemp has a viscosity that's easy to handle, with an extended doughy stage so it won’t lock on during removal. It’s radiopaque, making it easy to detect on an x-ray. In fact, SmarTemp is visibly more radiopaque than conventional provisional materials costing FIVE TIMES as much!

SmarTemp comes in three shades – Ultra Light (A1) for the aesthetically demanding patient, Light (A2) for most routine cases, and Medium (A3.5), primarily used for posterior crown and bridge temps.

Best of all, SmarTemp actually costs as much as 70% less than other automix provisional materials, truly making it the smart choice for bis-acrylic temporaries. 

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