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SHARP™ Premium Vinyl Polysiloxane by Parkell, Inc.

SHARP™ Premium Vinyl Polysiloxane

Parkell, Inc.

SHARP™ Wash Premium Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane—Setting a new standard of excellence in impression-making. Exceptional hydrophilicity that’s equal to or better than other leading brands. Outstanding dimensional accuracy for dead-on stone pours. Superb detail replication for well-fitting restorations every time. Excellent tear strength for easy removal without marginal tearing. With optimal viscosity, SHARP™ Wash naturally reduces surface tension allowing easy flow into intricate areas and capturing minute detail.

An exciting breakthrough in final impression-making technology, Parkell’s SHARP Wash Premium VPS material is an extremely hydrophilic addition-reaction silicone designed to flow easily on dry or slightly moist teeth. It readily overcomes any remaining moisture in the mouth to create a precise impression, delivering exceptional replication of minute detail and virtually flawless dimensional accuracy, coupled with superior tear strength.

Due to its superb moisture-seeking and displacement properties, SHARP Wash naturally reduces surface tension when syringed into difficult areas. It offers a 90-second working time, 3-minute intraoral set time, and is compatible with all types of dental stone. SHARP tray materials are also available in Medium and Heavy viscosities to provide excellent compression to the Wash, and the VPS is available in Clear for crystal clear matrices, pick-up impressions, bite registration and so much more. 

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