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HyperFIL™ by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

HyperFIL from Parkell, Inc., reduces steps when creating posterior composite restorations because it’s a strong composite dispensed directly from an Automix syringe to the preparation (after the bonding agent has been placed and cured). Procedures are easier, faster and less expensive, without compromising esthetics. The composite is available in two shades-a Universal (translucent A2/B2) and an Enamel shade to match most tooth shades. The material has excellent chameleon-type effects, so it picks up the shades of the adjacent tooth structure.

The flow of the material allows better conformity to the tooth surface, eliminating the need for a flowable composite or incremental curing. It’s dual cure capabilities allows it to be bulk-filled, as it will self cure at any depth.

HyperFIL works beautifully with Brush&Bond Adhesive system, too! With this combination, not only will your restorations be strong and beautiful, but the entire procedure should take only 5 minutes to complete.


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