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EPIC® TMPT by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

EPIC®-TMPT: Because a more resilient restoration is a better restoration. Unfortunately, traditional Class V restorations are likely to leak, stain and pop out. That’s because traditional composites are stiff and cannot flex with the tooth. When the patient occludes, the tooth tries to bend and the stiff composite resists, causing constant stress at the margin. This could lead to leakage, sensitivity, staining and dislodging. In contrast, EPIC-TMPT actually flexes with the tooth to absorb and dissipate stress without opening the margin.

The EPIC-TMPT restoration compresses and then bounces back intact. EPIC-TMPT is the world’s first direct composite with a reactive organic filler (built on the TMPT molecule) that chemically bonds to the matrix. Research has shown that this patented filler does not dislodge, even when subjected to severe abrasion and occlusal pounding. EPIC-TMPT's superb wear resistance is due to the bonded filler, leaving no need to reinforce it with a heavy dose of stiff glass or quartz.

The result is a surprisingly tough and durable restoration that is more resilient than traditional microfills. And because it doesn’t contain a lot of hard inorganic material, EPIC-TMPT polishes beautifully. Its unusual translucency (another benefit of the TMPT-based filler) gives the restoration exceptional sheen and vitality. After a light polishing, the margins simply disappear.

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