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C-I™ Post System by Parkell, Inc.

C-I™ Post System

Parkell, Inc.

Parkell Inc.’s C-I™ Post System comes in three styles—white glass-fiber, plastic pattern, or stainless steel—and two sizes (fine and medium) while calibrated instruments ensure quick and easy placement. The radiopaque C-I White Glass Fiber Post allows for improved viewing on dental x-rays. Reinforced fibers are braided like a glass splinting ribbon to improve strength and stiffness. A cervical bulge reinforces the post to resist marginal opening due to flexing. Posts come slightly tapered to the precise 2.6° taper of our metal posts for safe placement with reduced danger of root perforation. Taper also permits maximum post length in narrow roots and smooth venting of excess cement. 
The C-I Plastic Burn-Out and Stainless Steel Temporary Posts are ideal for cast posts and cores with either the direct or indirect technique. Simply half-fill the lubricated post hole with self-cure resin or wax, then seat the C-I plastic burnout post. Fill a core pattern with wax or acrylic and slip the pattern over the post to create a fast, ready-to-sprue post/core assembly. After you’ve removed the pattern, use the stainless steel post to retain the interim restoration. 
The C-I Stainless Steel Post gives you a proven chairside system for amalgam or composite cores. The embossed head provides undercuts to grip the core material. Serrations along the shank assure strong retention in the cement. After cementation, just fill the pattern with composite and seat it over the post’s head for an instant anatomical core.

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