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C&B-METABOND® Quick! by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

C&B-METABOND® Quick!: There when you need it most. Some dentists think of it as their “emergency preparedness kit,” because they’ve come to rely on C&B-METABOND Quick! to help them handle just about any emergency that walks through the door. Whether it’s fixing a crown that has repeatedly loosened, repairing a fractured bridge, capping a vital exposure, or even saving a cracked root, C&B-METABOND Quick! is the #1 choice for addressing dental challenges.

That’s because C&B bonds to more types of materials, more securely, and is backed by a longer clinical history than any other adhesive cement in the world. But C&B-METABOND Quick! is so much more. Those same outstanding bonding properties that make this an indispensible rescue kit for dental offices everywhere also make it one of the very best all-purpose bonding agents available. Its strength, versatility and reliability are unsurpassed. Plus, its 4-META monomer penetrates dentin and then polymerizes to create a tooth-sealing hybrid layer to dramatically reduce sensitivity and increase caries resistance.

Simply put, C&B-METABOND Quick! works where other adhesives won’t, so you’re ready for just about anything!

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