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Amalgambond® Plus by Parkell, Inc.

Amalgambond® Plus

Parkell, Inc.

Amalgambond® PLUS remains the pre-eminent bonding agent for the toughest restorative situations. For decades, more than 100 studies have documented its effectiveness in retaining amalgam and composite restorations and preventing leakage, as well as its extraordinary ability to prevent post-op sensitivity. It consistently bonds to enamel, dentin and cementum, as well as the most commonly used restorative materials like amalgam, metals, porcelains, pressed ceramics, lithium disilicate, and especially composites.

It bonds to new or existing amalgams or composites, and retention is automatic so it eliminates the use of tooth-crazing, pulp-exposing pins. Amalgambond PLUS also eliminates the hypersensitivity that often follows gingival recession or perio surgery. There’s no need for varnish or liners, because its unique 4-META hybrid layer protects the pulp better than varnish and two coats of calcium hydroxide.

This self-curing agent even works successfully in the darkest recesses of a severely decayed upper molar. Plus, with hydrophilic monomers, it isn’t bothered by seepage like light-cured bonding agents, so it’s even effective in the presence of small amounts of moisture, whether it’s water or saliva.

  • Strong, self-cure bonds without the need for a curing light
  • Minimally invasive preps eliminate the need for pin retention
  • No varnish or liners needed
  • Dramatically reduces chances of marginal leakage
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