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Digitest™ II by Parkell, Inc.

Digitest™ II

Parkell, Inc.

Parkell, Inc’s ergonomically redesigned Digitest™ II Dental Vitality Tester includes all of the classic features of the original Digitest, and more. The durable, shaped case makes the Digitest II comfortable to handle and use, while being easy to wipe down with most surface disinfectants. The Digitest II microprocessor controls the rate of stimulus at one of three speeds: Slow, Medium, or Fast. Selection is by the push of a single button, and can be preselected prior to performing the vitality test.

The unit generates a complex, pulsed waveform that repeats several times a second, producing a response to stimulus that is well below the patient’s pain threshold. This means greater comfort, less anxiety, and no spikes of pain for your patient. The easy-to-view digital display stays lit after you release the activation button, giving you plenty of time to observe and record the vitality reading.

Battery life is preserved via the unit’s auto shutoff feature, and the 9-volt battery may be easily and quickly replaced right in the office. Parkell’s Digitest II kit includes two autoclavable probe tips, an autoclavable ground wire with lip clip, and a 9-volt alkaline battery.

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