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Absolute Dentin and C-I™ Post System by Parkell, Inc.

Absolute Dentin and C-I™ Post System

Parkell, Inc.

Absolute Dentin stacks great and preps like dentin. Convenient 10ml and 50ml cartridge dispensing! Automix for quick dispensing. Stronger core resists flexing. Densely filled (75%) with fluoride/barium glass. Strong, stable support for restorations -172 MPa flexural strength. Radiopaque. Dual-cure: Self cures in 4 minutes or light cures in 40 seconds.  Cures to a Barcol hardness of 72 - the typical hardness of dentin. 10ml cartridges require the 10ml cartridge gun dispenser. Use in conjunction with the C-I™ Post System, a highly-rated endodontic post system that offers a full range of calibrated Instruments and post styles for all of your clinical applications. Glass fiber, plastic pattern or stainless steel posts.  Each post style is available in two sizes - Fine and Medium. C-I™ White Posts give you strength, esthetics and significantly enhanced radiopacity. C-I™ Plastic Pattern Posts are easily used for direct or indirect techniques.  C-I™ Stainless Steel Posts provide maximum strength for amalgam or composite cores.  All posts in the C-I™ System use the same calibrated C-I™ Drills for quick and easy placement.

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