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Lew MDI Implant by Park Dental Research

Lew MDI Implant

Park Dental Research

The Lew MDI Mini Dental Implant from Park Dental Research Corp. is designed for the stabilization of the full denture in the mandible and maxilla using a minimally invasive procedure. The Lew MDI line offers a choice of two diameters: 2.0 mm for use in dense bone, and the 2.5 mm for use in softer bone. This o-ball implant comes in both collared and non-collared designs with lengths of 10, 11, 13, 15 and 17 mm.

Both implant designs offer refinements intended to address the ease of placement and the most common areas that have resulted in mini implants failing to integrate into patients’ jawbones. The Lew MDI is designed with a reverse buttress thread pattern that provides for maximum resistance without stripping the bone while auto advancing the implant into place.

The collared Lew MDI features a labyrinth design intended to prevent gingival cell migration. An additional feature of the collared Lew MDI is a pseudo platform switching design intended for more aesthetic gingival healing. Park Dental Research hosts one-day training courses for clinicians interested in learning the Lew MDI mini implant procedure. 

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