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Evacuation Cleaning System by Palmero Health Care

Evacuation Cleaning System

Palmero Health Care

Palmero’s exclusive cleansing and deodorizing system is easy to use, effective and safe for your evacuation equipment and the environment. The first stage in the Palmero two-step system helps keep vacuum lines clean and extend pump life. The second stage helps restore pressure, keeps vacuum lines clean, and extends pump life. A self-activating tablet releases powerful cleaning chemicals throughout the week. Neutral pH helps reduce dispersal of amalgam into sewer systems. It allows consistent vacuum suction and asepsis. For a daily vacuum line cleansing/deodorizing tablet for effective end-of-day cleaning try Vacuum Fresh. These tablets are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-caustic. They treat cuspidor and evacuation lines, and are also safe to use in sinks and toilets to eliminate odors. These products can be sold as a kit or separately.

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