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PacEndo™ Pre-Filled Endodontic Irrigation Kit by Pac-Dent

PacEndo™ Pre-Filled Endodontic Irrigation Kit


PacEndo’s Endodontic Irrigation Kit solves the tedious and messy problem of preloading syringes with Endodontic solutions. Ready to use right out of the box it includes everything for proper root canal irrigation.  No bottle storage assures solutions have full effectiveness. Numbered and color coded syringes for easy identification save time.

The unique formulas feature low viscosity and improved surface tension, thus improving the penetration into microtubules and cracks, leaving no hassle on root canal cleaning.


  • Convenient and ready-to-use.
  • Includes all the components needed for a procedure.
  • Lower surface tension of the solutions improves penetration of microtubules and cracks.
  • Includes canal aspirator that fits any handpiece.


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