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enCore™ Combination Allograft by Osteogenics Biomedical, Inc.

enCore™ Combination Allograft

Osteogenics Biomedical, Inc.

enCore™ Combination Allograft is the first particulate grafting product combining mineralized and demineralized bone in a single bottle. By combining these two distinctly different allografts, the surgeon is able to employ the complementary benefits of space-maintaining mineralized bone with osteoinductive demineralized matrix to optimize the environment for the regeneration of vital bone.

Each lot of enCore Combination Allograft undergoes a post-sterilization in vivo test for verification of osteoinductive potential. Additionally, each lot is bio-assayed for a threshold of BMP-2 to ensure product consistency. During the processing of enCore, best practices in tissue safety are utilized, such as single donor sourcing, rigorous donor screening and testing, terminal sterilization, and processing according to both FDA and AATB guidelines.

In addition to the combination allograft, enCore is also available as a mineralized-only allograft composed of 100 percent cortical bone. Both enCore Combination and Mineralized Allografts are available in a variety of sizes to treat a wide range of bony defects.

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