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EvoraPro™ by Oragenics, Inc.


Oragenics, Inc.

EvoraPro® is a professional strength blend of oral care probiotics used to accelerate the repopulation of the beneficial bacteria that are removed –along with bad bacteria – during a professional prophylaxis. This highly concentrated blend of ProBiora3 probiotics comes in a mint form and is distributed exclusively by the dental professionals. EvoraPro® probiotic mints can help patients maintain the results of the dental prophylaxis longer. Each EvoraPro mint contains an extra-strength blend of ProBiora3® oral probiotics that supports dental and gingival health. These beneficial bacteria bind to teeth and go deep under the gum line, crowding out harmful bacteria. Since a professional prophylaxis removes both bad and good bacteria, flooding the mouth with beneficial bacteria afterward helps support future good oral health. Let us help you maintain your pat ients’ oral health while making them more active in their own care.

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