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DSi 6000 by Optimet

DSi 6000


The DSi 6000’s advanced scanning technology can capture the dental contours of impression materials with extraordinary precision including narrow and deep holes, steep angles and other features that are difficult to scan.

“The DSi 6000 is based on Optimet’s patented conoscopic holography where the scanner’s transmitted laser path is exactly the same as the reflected laser path which records the shape of the dental impression,” said Optimet’s Israel General Manager Reuven Silverman. “It can also scan a wide range of dental impression materials, meaning dentists can use the resources they are most comfortable with minus powders. This standard industry practice minimizes reflections extraneous to dental scans but also makes them less precise.”

The DSi 6000 also helps streamline the dental prosthetic restoration process to save time and money. The scanner is very easy to use with operators only needing an hour of training to be set up. Dentists can continue their usual method of administrating dental impressions while dental technicians can create prosthetics without using gypsum to fill the impression materials. There is no need to manually create molds meaning time and material costs are further saved.

The DSi 6000 is apart of a long line of advanced dental scanning technologies from Optimet. A proven player in the world of digital dentistry, Optimet has been an OEM supplier within the dental prosthetic industry for more than 15 years.

“Optimet has provided thousands of dental labs around the world with quality dental scans,” said Silverman. “Our highly experienced R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams combine their proficiencies to create high precision tools that consistently contribute to the delivery of high quality prosthetics. We’re very excited about the levels of comfort and fit that the DSi 6000 will provide dental patients.”

About Optimet
Optimet provides state-of-the-art 3D measurement sensors and systems with up to submicron precision to the automotive, aerospace, flat panel display and many other markets. Its products are based on patented conoscopic holography technology together with additional sophisticated technologies and patent portfolio. Optimet provides the most innovative and precise 3D scanners for the digital dental CAD/CAM market. It is a member of Ophir Photonics, a Newport Company, which is a global leader in precision laser measurement equipment.

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