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Nu-Bird HVE Suction Mirror by Nu-Bird

Nu-Bird HVE Suction Mirror


The Nu-Bird HVE suction mirror is the ultimate suction/viewing/retraction instrument for dentists, hygienists and assistants. By providing a clear view of the mouth and using a strong, steady retraction device, clicinicians can cut SRP appointment time in half. The Nu-Bird HVE suction mirror has strong suction capacity (80% the level of a HV suction tip) that efficiently sucks water and saliva away from the procedure site. Its design deflects oral tissue away from plugging suction ports, maintaining suction level, clinicians can thereby effectively and comfortably conduct procedures.

The Nu-Bird Mirror easily adapts to both High and Low suction systems, and maintains a clear, fog-free view during ultrasonic scaling therapy. This product is perfect for use with ultrasonic scaling, air polishing, laser and sealant placement procedures. An adapter hose allows free rotation, while an ergonomic design eliminates body fatigue.  


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