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Ti-Max® Z900L series by NSK Dental LLC

Ti-Max® Z900L series

NSK Dental LLC

The 26-watt, standard head Ti-Max®Z900L series reduces treatment time and provides remarkably smooth handling. It's cartridge design dramatically improves durability and can be easily replaced chairside to save time and maintain practice productivity. Smaller head sizes enhance operational visibility. The bearing contributes to dramatically increased durability and reduced running cost

It offers an ergonomic, solid titanium body and NSK’s DURAGRIP® coating, which makes the handpieces easy to hold even when wet. It is scratch- and abrasion-proof, and the condition can be maintained as if it is a product for a long time or even when it is roughly handled.

To further enhance ergonomics, theTi-Max®Z900L series body features a notch for resting the thumb and index finger for maximum leverage. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and the enhanced hardness has improved its ability for autoclave sterilization. Biocompatibility unique to titanium has eliminated concern over allergies to metals.

A Quattro (4 port) water spray and 2½ year warranty—NSK’s longest ever—complete the offering.  Multiple back-end types are available to fit most competitive couplers.

As with NSK’s other air-driven and electric handpieces, 100% of the Ti-Max®Z900L components are engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house in order to ensure unsurpassed quality and reliability.   

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