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iCare Handpiece Maintenance System by NSK Dental LLC

iCare Handpiece Maintenance System

NSK Dental LLC

The iCare system makes it possible for dental practices to perform handpiece maintenance with the simple touch of a few buttons. This state-of-the-art system allows the practice to give each type of handpiece its own cleaning program, which includes specifying the volume of lubrication oil to be injected to ensure consistent and cost-effective operation. In addition, an advanced chuck-cleaning function makes it easy to effectively remove dirt and abrasive powder from the inside of the chuck to ensure smooth operation and prevent chuck-related problems. This maintains the optimal condition of handpieces and greatly extends their operating life.

A boom to office productivity, the iCare system was designed by NSK to handle up to four handpieces at once. The system offers a choice of two or three rotation ports for better lubricant coverage of gears for e-type electric attachments and slow-speed handpieces. This feature, which ensures consistent cleaning and lubrication, is not offered by most competitive systems. The iCare system also uses liquid oil, which economically cleans up to 2,800 handpieces (700 cycles) per liter. Moreover, it has LED lights to alert the user when a door is open or when the oil supply or air pressure is low.

The iCare system has a stylish, compact body that can be installed anywhere a compressed air line is available. (The unit has a footprint of less than 9.5 inches by 11 inches and a height of under 14 inches, and it weights under 15 pounds.) The system carries a two-year warranty.

“As the leader in handpiece quality and innovation, we have a deep appreciation of how crucial handpieces are to the efficient operation of today’s dental practice,” said Rob Gochoel, Director of Sales and Marketing for NSK Dental. “We wanted to give dental practices a maintenance system that allows them to protect their investment in their handpieces as effectively, conveniently and affordably as possible, and the feedback we are receiving from our customers indicates that the iCare system does exactly that.”   

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