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Strong-Massad Denplant® Low Temp Impression Tray by Nobilium

Strong-Massad Denplant® Low Temp Impression Tray


Nobilium’s Strong-Massad Denplant® Low Temp Impression Trays are made with crystal clear material in order to allow the clinician to view thru the tray and visualize the void allowed for impression material. Strong-Massad Denplant Trays are heat moldable using a simple hot water bath.

This feature allows the clinician to bend, pinch, pull, or by any other means manipulate the tray by applying heat to the area to be molded. In addition, the heated tray can be placed in the mouth and molded intraorally using patient facial muscles or finger pressure. Because the tray material has no memory, it retains the heat-molded position.

The Strong-Massad Denplant Low Temp Impression Trays share the advanced design features of the Massad® Edentulous Impression Trays, including a physiological shape that allows the clinician to easily maintain functional anatomy, an extended handle for ergonomics, and retention slots for proper flow of material. Key features in this new dentate tray include a deep and wide tooth channel that will accommodate most dental arrangements.

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