Creos™ Allograft Bone Regenerative Solutions

Nobel Biocare USA, LLC

Creos™ allograft bone regenerative solutions by Nobel Biocare is a product portfolio that brings together a full selection of regenerative solutions in three core products: particulate bone graft, demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty and a barrier membrane that gives clinicians flexibility to choose the optimum solution for their patient.

The creos allo.gain range gives clinicians the flexibility to choose the optimum solution depending on patient indication and personal preference with five different types of particulate bone graft. Choices include corticocancellous, cancellous, cortical and demineralized cortical bone types as well as a pre-prepared blend of mineralized and demineralized cortical particulate. Also included is a demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty which comes in a convenient dispenser and is moldable for smooth adaptation to defects. 

The new creos allo.protect resorbable pericardium membrane serves as an effective and reliable barrier to soft tissue ingrowth during the healing phase. It adapts easily to the graft site and is designed to maintain shape and size when placed. The membrane is available in sizes: 10x10mm, 15x20mm, 20x20mm and 20x30mm.

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