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Zen-X Intraoral X-ray Sensor by MyRay

Zen-X Intraoral X-ray Sensor


Experience superior image quality at lightning-fast speeds with Zen-X, MyRay’s intraoral X-ray sensor. Equipped with a 14-bit CMOS sensor capable of more than 16,000 grey shades, Zen-X captures every detail. This innovative sensor is available in sizes 1 and 2, providing a comfortable fit for any examination.

Designed for maximum patient comfort, the thin 3-layer sensor, with rounded corners and chamfered edges, features a hardened outer casing, a reinforced rear-mounted cable attachment and is totally liquid-proof.

Zen-X achieves lightning-fast transfer times between exposure and on-screen display. Zen-X is compatible with existing imaging software via TWAIN interface. Zen-X also comes with complimentary imaging software.

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