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VisiClear™ Partial Dentures by MicroDental

VisiClear™ Partial Dentures


MicroDental Laboratories’ VisiClear™ Partial Dentures offer clinicians and their patients performance advantages over traditional flexible and metal framework options. VisiClear™ is an advanced thermoplastic material from Myerson. Though used in dentistry for many years, it is recently emerging as an option for partial denture frameworks. More water resistant than alternative flexible framework materials, VisiClear is also less prone to staining and odor.


MicroDental Laboratories offers dentists a choice of three different levels of characterization for the VisiClear partial framework, and a wide selection of denture teeth. Essentials VisiClear features smooth anatomy. Classic VisiClear offers gingival characterization. And Macstudio VisiClear provides both advanced characterization and colorization treatments.


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