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TRU by Microbrush by Microbrush International

TRU by Microbrush

Microbrush International

TRU by Microbrush is the first in Microbrush International’s extensive line of disposable applicators to feature a double-bending tip, a longer 12-centimeter handle and an Ultrafine 0.5-millimeter tip size option. Clinicians who have tried TRU by Microbrush said the new micro-applicator gave them greater control and access during procedures.

The applicator’s unique double-bending tip is engineered to give clinicians greater access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The cutting-edge double-bend is held in place with stay-put strength engineered to eliminate rebound, while the long handle is designed to give clinicians maximum tactile control.

TRU by Microbrush is also the first Microbrush International applicator to feature the new Ultrafine 0.5-millimeter tip size for procedures that require utmost precision. The Ultrafine tip is manufactured to pick up a consistent amount of material and help reduce waste.

TRU by Microbrush also comes in Regular (2.0mm), Fine (1.5mm) and Superfine (1.0mm) tip sizes so it can be used in a variety of clinical indications. The new micro-applicator also comes in a unique diamond-shaped package, which features an easily accessible dispenser with a lock-in-place top designed for easy dispensing.

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