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i-ROOT by Meta Biomed Co. Ltd.


Meta Biomed Co. Ltd.

Performing best accuracy in any root canal condition (Dry, Bleeding, Wet, Saline, EDTA,NaOCl or Chlorhexidine etc...), i-ROOT is the 5th generation Apex Locator by dual frequency type. i-ROOT can measure the apical constriction exactly without mismeasurement. i-ROOT is developed & upgraded based on the technology of e-Magic Finder (EMF-100 Series) Apex Locator. Best accuracy in any root canal condition,(Dry, Bleeding, Wet, Saline, EDTA, NaOCI or Chlorhexidine etc.), Measurement by eye and ear at the same time, Color display, Stylish and ergonomic design, Simple easy to use, Self test for the system failure, Long lasting(Semi-permanent) Li-ion battery with adapter, Auto power off function for saving battery, Stable and durable in wide range of condition, Computer monitoring & Patient Management, System(PMS) - Option Item.

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