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T710 by Medit



The Medit T-Series’ T710 laboratory scanner is a versatile powerhouse suitable for every laboratory. The scanner comes with four 5.0-MP resolution cameras, auto-elevation, and delivers full-arch scans with no blind spots and 4-µm accuracy in just 8 seconds. The scanner can be used for any indication and offers flexible multi-die scanning, impression scan function, and full-size articulator scanning. An open system and a customizable workflow ensure flexibility and easy integration in your laboratory.

The Medit T710 can be used to scan all indications, including implant cases, impressions, post and core, and replica dentures—making your work significantly easier. The flexible multi-die function is especially useful to scan a full or partial arch with multiple dies simultaneously. The scanner also fits any articulator available in the market, allowing for maximum compatibility. With 4-µm accuracy, the T710 ensures laboratories can produce high-quality results and ensure clinics are satisfied with the outcome.

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