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Medit T-Series by Medit

Medit T-Series


The Medit T-Series redefines the standard for speed and accuracy in 3D dental scanning with its laboratory scanners that combine a powerful scan engine with intuitive scanning software. With its state-of-the-art blue light scanning technology and high-resolution dual cameras, the T-Series captures the highest-quality scans with high accuracy. Its accompanying software ensures the cleanest and sharpest data, saving you precious time and money by minimizing trial and error to adjust restoration fits. By using our flexible multi-die, the laboratory can shorten the scanning process and increase work efficiency, hence increasing productivity. Its open system also allows you to easily import and export files at any time during the scanning process. In addition, the T-Series is optimized for impression scanning with its automatic impression scanning function, eliminating the need for plaster models. Rediscover your laboratory’s productivity while keeping your costs down with the Medit T-Series.


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