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SurgiGuide® by Materialise Dental, Inc


Materialise Dental, Inc

Recent improvements in Materialise Dental’s internal processes have led to an even more customer-oriented service that customers will undoubtedly appreciate. Through technological developments and leaner production principles Materialise Dental has made the design and production of their SurgiGuides® faster and more efficient.

Production time has been reduced from seven to four working days. Materialise Dental now also has put a pro-active SurgiGuide follow-up protocol in place that checks for technical issues and sends a new working design proposal with photos to the clinician to review and approve. Clinical testing has shown that in the majority of all cases, the design proposal is accepted so the clinician no longer must wait, call or email to re-plan or re-order cases, thereby saving time.

The approval process has gotten even simpler, faster and friendlier. A new mobile approval option is now available. Clinicians can login from their iPhone or iPad, or any other smartphone or tablet and will be automatically connected to a website which gives an overview of the status of all their cases. They can follow-up, review and approve cases wherever they are. 

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