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MagnaVu PS3 by Magnified Video Dentistry, Inc.

MagnaVu PS3

Magnified Video Dentistry, Inc.

The newly released MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope 3 from Magnified Video Dentistry, Inc., produces clear, highly magnified images, which can eliminate the need for magnified loupes or microscopes. The device’s design allows dentists to perform procedures in more relaxed, ergonomic positions, reducing back, neck, and eye strain.

The MagnaVu PS 3 will enable you to produce more, reduce wasted time and motions, increase the quality of dentistry provided to your patients, and feel less strain and fatigue at the end of the day. The updated MagnaVu PS 3 Scope now has a longer down tube leading to the new triple axis swivel at the scope head. This additional movement provides more visibility and better viewing angles than in the past.

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