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Itsoclear by Lincoln Dental Supply


Lincoln Dental Supply

Lincoln Dental’s Itsoclear is a thermoplastic nylon material that is molded into a formed clasp. The product allows for repair of a clasp in less than four minutes with a cosmetic appeal unlike any other clasp on the market. Because of its clear properties there are no more noticeable metal clasps, just a nearly invisible clear piece.

The clasp is also easy to work with. In fact, it takes less than a day to train anyone to do the job. Once the process is perfected, it takes less than 4 minutes to process, saving significant bench time and yielding more profits. Other Itsoclear features: Crystal clear, will not lose clarity, Easy adaption, Non-abrasive, tooth bearing, Easily adjustable, dentists can even adjust chairside if needed, No injection machines or hand-held injectors requried, Perfect for new partial dentures as well as repairs and replacing metal clasp, Can create anterior clasp, Process takes under four minutes.

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